DudaMobile.com Review

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DudaMobile.com Review

These days, if you run a business, you have to be online. The bottom line is, the vast majority of consumers look for just about everything online. Unfortunately, few business owners know how to build their own websites. With web designers charging upwards of $5,000 to even $15,000 to design a site, tons of people want to get online, but feel like they simply don’t have the capability to. So, lately, I’ve been checking out tools that help novice computer users with their goal of designing and owning a high quality site. That’s when I ran across DudaMobile.com.

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What Is DudaMobile

Duda Mobile is a website platform that seems to have been designed for beginners. However, the quality of websites that can be designed through the tool is what you’d expect when working with a pro. The system allows you to create mobile only websites or websites that perform well on all devices including computers, cell phones, and tablets.

My Favorite DudaMobile Tools

Site Generator – This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a site like this. Many people looking to build a mobile site or even a site designed for computers are looking to upgrade from something they’ve already got. Using their site generator, you’re able to provide your current URL. From there, DudaMobile will grab the content, image, navigation, social, and even video data and upload it into your new site. So, if you’re looking to do a redesign, you’re not going to have to spend hours on end transferring data.

Compelling Themes – I work in WordPress quite a bit. The one thing that really gets to me with their system is that it’s so hard to find a theme that not only looks good, but works properly. When I started a new site with DudaMobile there was several themes that looked great. More importantly, you don’t have to be a web design guru to figure out how the themes work.

DudaOne – Tons of people that want a new website don’t already have something they can take from online. Simply put, they’ve got to build from scratch. DudaOne makes that a very simple process. First, pick a theme, then fill it with content. When you click publish, your website will be live and viewable from computers, smartphones, and tablets!

DudaMobile Pros and Cons

DudaMobile Pros…

Ease Of Use – I’ve used tons of these types of systems from the old school AngelFire Webshell to new and improved systems like DudaMobile and their competitors. Often times these systems become so convoluted with options that it can be hard to figure out how to use them. That’s not the case with DudaMobile. Their system is easy enough for even the most novice computer user to understand.

Themes – OK, so this isn’t going to be a long section, I’ve already talked about it. Nonetheless, the themes DudaMobilehas created are some of the best in the biz!

Cost – When it comes to cost, this is a very thrifty option; a surprising factor when you think of the tools it comes with. If you’re building a mobile only website, you can either go with the free option and display ads, or pay $9 month to month or $7.20 per month with an annual subscription. If you’re more interested in the DudaOne option (The best option by far), there is also an ad supported free version. You can also opt for the Business plan which is $9 month to month or $7.50 a month on an annual basis or the Business+ plan which is $19 month to month or $14.25 per month for annual memberships. When looking at other options, the cost really is pretty low!

DudaMobile Cons…

Limitations – The DudaMobile sites seem to be designed as a site for local or even national/multi-national businesses. However, you’re going to have a hard time if you want to create an ecommerce type site with a shopping cart. Although DudaMobile sites are great, if you’re looking to build an ecommerce based platform, you may want to look elsewhere.

One Paid Plan I Don’t Agree With – The Business plan for DudaOne costs $9 per month on a month to month basis or $7.50 per month if billed annually. Unfortunately, you still have to deal with Duda brand ads. Personally, if I’m paying for a web design and hosting service, no matter how minimal that payment is, I’m not going to want to show ads that I don’t get paid for. I think they could have done better with this package. So, if you’re looking to go DudaOne, make sure to upgrade to Business+.

Customer Service

When getting a website built or building your own, no matter what platform you choose to go with, it’s important that the company excels in customer service. Let’s face it; the online identity of your business is at stake here. What happens if a problem comes about and you can’t personally fix it? If you’re a DudaMobile site owner, all you’ll need to do is make a phone call to the support team. Their team is very well trained and takes an aggressive approach to problem solving.

My Final Thoughts of DudaMobile

After taking the system for a test drive, I absolutely love it! OK, so I do have a problem with the DudaOne Business plan, but if I set that aside, the system really is perfect for small businesses. Regardless of what I say here, they have a free plan. So, I couldn’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to give them a shot, there’s really nothing to lose.

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